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Social impact measurement and reporting


Why measure and report impact? - strategy, approaches, benefits and understanding, communications with stakeholders and staff, encouraging credibility and accountability.

What do you need to do to demonstrate impact? - definition of what social impact means at an individual and organsational level.. How your organisation is impacting on the community that you work with.

How do you do it? - mechanisms and tool kits for data capture, key performance indicators, measuring the distance travelled and benchmarking.

Delivery could be as a practical workshop  for a group or could be delivered  to support individuals of organisations to enhance their current performance monitoring and reporting. 

We will use our experience gained as the RBS SE100 Trailblazing Newcomers and our approaches to developing our annual social impact report.


This will be complemented with many examples of measuring and reporting impact gained during in our years in schools, local authorities and local communities.


  • What is safeguarding and why does it matter?
  • Ways in which children/young people are at risk of harm and abuse.
  • What actions to take if you have concerns?
  • Where to seek advice or support when you are worried?
  • Establish your organisation with our ‘safe hands’ approach.
  • Policies, procedures, care planning and risk assessments.

Patchwork People ‘the safest hands on the high street’

Accredited training centre

Support for the establishment of your organisation as an accredited training centre

Policies, procedures and processes required for success

Knowledge, skills and experience for staff

Roles and responsibilities – tutor, assessor internal quality assurer

Expectations – plan do review.

"Gill and Marj have been helping us to navigate our way through the jungle of paperwork required to become a new accredited centre.  This has been a steep learning curve, but with their expertise and experience we are getting to grips with all the necessary procedures, which will ultimately benefit our learners".

Bright Sparks 2014

Social enterprise – as it is

Motivations, values and resilience

Operating on a shoe string

Social impact – making a difference Defining your indicators, Setting your targets

Sweat your assets  

Investment - Process , Expectations - Due diligence and cashflow